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Discover the Heart of the Amazon

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What Will You Do

Explore the Capital of Acre

Arrive in Rio Branco, the capital of Acre, and check-in to your hotel starting at 2pm. Spend the day discovering the beauty of this charming city.

A Heartwarming Welcome

We will travel throughout the day to Feijó and then on to the Shanenawa village, where we will be received in the late afternoon with a warm welcome. In the evening, dinner and music around the bonfire with a conversation circle.

Body Painting & Traditional Healing Ceremony

In the morning, we will refresh ourselves with a swim in the dam and igarapé. In the afternoon, we will have a traditional body painting workshop using genipap. We will watch the sunset and, after dinner, an evening of traditional medicine ceremonies, music and dance will take place.

Straw Craft & Herbal Bath

We start the day a little later to rest from the night before with a fun and cheerful straw craft workshop. After lunch, we will receive a powerful herbal bath to cleanse our energies. After dinner we will have a free evening around bonfire with music.

Amazon Trekking & Clay Bath Ritual

We will go on a trail in the Amazon rainforest  within the land Katukina/Kaxinawa to learn about the local biodiversity. We will then soak in the serenity of a clay bath ritual in the afternoon. And at dinner, we will have an opportunity to learn the stories of the Shanenawá people from their elders. To close the night we will have a celebration and traditional ceremonies.

Crop Care & Traditional Games

After breakfast, we will join in learning how to take care of the crops and the reforestation of the area. Planting legumes in the summer and fruit species in the winter. After lunch, we will spark our inner child with traditional Shanenawá games. We will have a farewell dinner to close the evening.

Farewell to Shanenawá Village

Before we take the road back to Rio Branco, we will have an moving farewell of the Shanenawá village. We will travel throughout the day, stopping for lunch, until we reach our hotel in Rio Branco, where we will have the afternoon and evening free.

Our departure day

The day is free for you to take your return flight at any time.

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  • 2 nights in a hotel in Rio Branco;
  • 5 nights at Shanenawa village;
  • All breakfasts from day 2 onwards;
  • All lunches and dinners at Shanenawa Village;
  • All the activities in the Shanenawa Village;
  • Transport from Rio Branco to the Village and back to the same hotel;
  • Vivalá facilitation team present during the tour;
  • Travel insurance for the whole itinerary.


  • Air ticket from your origin to Rio Branco;
  • Airport-hotel transfer ( both ways) in Rio Branco;
  • Tent or hammock for nights in the Shanenawa village - must bring your own;
  • Meals on day 1, lunch on day 2, lunch and dinner on days 7 and 8;
  • Drinks;
  • Personal purchases such as handicrafts and gifts


Safety Policy:

  • Nature-based travel entails risks. To reduce the possibility of these incidents occurring, please follow all the instructions and orientations provided by our local conductors and facilitators, such as the use of life jackets and helmets, and other instructions on how to behave in such environments.

Please beware:

  • Brazilian legislation prohibits the purchase and sale, transport, possession and acquisition of headdresses, arrows, necklaces, bracelets, bags, earrings, belts or any other type of handicraft made with teeth, feathers, claws or other parts of the native wild fauna.
  • Only indigenous people, due to their culture, are allowed to use artifacts made with animal fragments, but their commercialisation is forbidden. It is also forbidden to transport or keep any artifact containing animal parts without a license or authorisation from the competent environmental bodies.
  • In Brazil, it is forbidden to send abroad samples of genetic assets without authorization.
  • The eventual disrespect to environmental rules is a crime. According to the Brazilian legislation, the trade (sale or purchase), keeping, transport and deposit of wild animals or part of them imply administrative sanctions (fine from R$ 500.00 to R$ 5,000.00 per specimen) and criminal liability (penalty of six months to one year of detention).

Ceremonies with Traditional Medicines

  • The filling out of the anamnesis form is mandatory. Participation is not allowed for travellers who do not present the adequate health conditions established in the form.

What do I need to bring?

  • Travellers should bring leg-protectors for jungle trekking. It is recommended that everyone carries their own pharmacy supplies, such as painkillers, bandages, etc. Be sure to bring your medications for continuous use.
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