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What Will You Do

Pick up time!

One of our drivers will pick you up at Levi turist info and drive you to our kennel. Should not take more than 15 minutes.

Back to the school

After arrival, one of our guides will take care of you. Firstly they are gonna take you thru the basics of driving the sleds ....

Let's go!

.... and after brief course, you are gonna drive your own sleds with 4-5 real sleddogs! We are gonna take you for 2km trail around the forrests of Lapland, thru the frozen swamps and if you'll be lucky, you can even meet some reindeers !

Ok, we are back :(

Mushing is not just sleds and snow-covered wastelands. The dogs needs a lot of attention. You can thank them for the ride by scratching their ears and their fur! Also don't forget to take pictures for your family reunion :)

Hot drink, open fire and more!

After saying goodbye, you are welcome to sit next to the fire and warm yourself with the hot sweet beverage and fill your bellies with local biscuits. Once you are no longe chattering your teeths from cold, we will show you life at the farm and tell you some stories about our fluffy friends.

... and say goodbye

After saying goodbye, our driver will slowly take you back to the Levi tourist info, where you can plan your next (longer) trip with our dogs ... Trust me, you are gonna miss them!
Kiitos (thank you in Finnish) from our guides

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  • pick-up and drop-off to our company
  • guiding all the time from professional musher
  • security instructions
  • husky ride, driving your own sleddog team
  • hot drinks and biscuits with open fire


  • 2 people sharing a sleigh; if families might be that small children are going with parent as sitting passenger. For bigger families, some of your kids might be driven by our guides if necessary for no additional cost.
  • if you would like to pickup from your accomodation for additional fee of 25€ / booking, let us know
  • winter clothing may be available for additional fee ! Don't hesitate to ask us after the booking


Driving the husky sled require good physical conditions and is not suitable to people with reduced physical mobility; does not exclude them from ride as a passanger.

If you are travelling solo, please book Adult (solo drive) for driving your own sleds. Otherwise you can share the sleds with other customer, or with our guide, where it is not possible to drive.

EXTRA "Driven by our guide": In the sleds there can be one Adult and one Child. If more Adults wants to be driven by a guide, everyone has to pay the extra. We cannot fit more Adults at once, sorry.

Disclaimer notice:

We reserve the right to change or cancel the route and duration of booking according the weather conditions and safety factors. Driving the husky sled require good physical conditions and is not suitable to people with reduced physical mobility; does not exclude them from ride as a passenger.

In case of accident caused by the client during the husky safari, self-liability is 600 € for equipment/sleigh and 4000€ per injured dog.

What do I need to bring?

  • smiling faces and adventurous mind; winters are really cold, so warm clothes needed!
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We offer pick-up to the following places for this experience: EXTRA 25-40€/booking: Your accommodation in Levi or Kittilä (price on request) EXTRA 90€/booking: Your accommodation outside of Levi (Northern lights village, ...)

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