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Siida museum: Tours & Experiences

Finland, Lapland, Saariselkä

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Dive into the Heart of Sámi Culture at Siida Museum

Start Your Journey Into Rich Traditions

Siida Museum, nestled in Inari, Lapland, is your gateway into the vibrant world of Sámi culture. This unique destination serves as a mirror to the past and present of the indigenous Sámi people. As you delve into the museum's numerous exhibits, you're introduced to a lifestyle deeply connected with nature and rich in time-honored traditions.

The Tale of the Sámi

Siida Museum weaves the tale of the Sámi people like no other place. You'll gain an understanding of their time-tested practices and vibrant customs. Notably, the museum's "open-air Sámi building collection" provides an engaging exploration of traditional Sámi architecture. Each building holds stories of resilience and adaptability, offering a unique glimpse into this indigenous culture.

Embracing the Wilderness

In addition to Sámi culture, Siida museum also celebrates Northern Lapland's mesmerizing wilderness. The "Northern Lapland Nature Centre" within the museum premises brings you closer to the region's stunning natural wonders. As you navigate through the exhibits, you'll discover the diverse flora and fauna that call this Arctic environment home.

Seasonal Splendor at Siida

Regardless of the season, Siida museum promises an enriching experience. However, the "annual events at Siida museum" — like the Skábmagovat Film Festival in winter and the National Sámi Day in February — offer unique insights into the cultural richness of the Sámi people. Each season brings with it a new theme that transforms the museum, ensuring your every visit feels distinct.

End Your Day on a High Note

To conclude your journey, visit "Restaurant Sarrit" within the museum grounds. This delightful eatery offers an array of dishes inspired by Sámi cuisine. As you indulge in these culinary delights, you can reflect on the day’s enlightening journey.

Experience the Magic of the Sámi Today

Unearth the treasures of Sámi culture and Northern Lapland's stunning wilderness at Siida Museum. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Sámi. Start planning your visit today and discover a vibrant culture that thrives in one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Book your ticket now!

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