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Guimarães: Tours & Experiences

Portugal, North Region, Guimarães

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Portugal, North Region, Guimarães

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Portugal, North Region, Braga

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Portugal, North Region, Braga

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More to know about Guimarães

Discover the Historic Charm of Guimarães: A Cultural Haven in Northern Portugal


Experience the rich history and captivating beauty of Guimarães, a charming city steeped in cultural heritage.

Historic Landmarks:

Immerse yourself in the medieval ambiance of the Guimarães Castle, visit the iconic Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, and explore the picturesque streets of the Old Town.

Cultural Delights:

Indulge in the local gastronomy, savoring traditional dishes like "caldo verde" and "bacalhau à Gomes de Sá". Explore the vibrant arts scene, with theaters, museums, and art galleries showcasing the region's creativity.

Vibrant Festivals:

Experience the excitement of the "Festas Gualterianas", a lively festival honoring the city's patron saint. Additionally, immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions of the "Cortejo da Mumada".

Natural Beauty:

Take in the breathtaking landscapes of the surrounding region, from the lush hills of the Penha Mountain to the tranquil beauty of the Tamega River.

Shopping and Souvenirs:

Stroll through the bustling streets lined with boutique shops and traditional craft stores, where you can find unique souvenirs and local handicrafts.

Local Hospitality:

Experience the warm hospitality of the locals as you engage in friendly conversations and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of this charming city.


With its perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Guimarães is an ideal destination for travelers. Immerse yourself in an enriching and memorable experience.
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