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Walk around Venetian shipyards and traditional lagoon boats

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What Will You Do

A squero that looks like an Alpine hut

Visit a traditional squero built on a courtyard that slopes down towards the water to launch or tow boats, active since the 17th century and one of the few still active nowadays. 

The forcola: an oarlock that looks like a modern art sculptur

Get into the details of a fórcola and understand how its shape allows eight different points of control to change the speed and the direction of the boat. Every single oxbow and elbow are studied to allow the movements of the oar in the water, which move and govern the boat. 

The art of rowing in Venice

The Voga alla Veneta technique of rowing is considerably different from the style used in international sport rowing, due to the oarsman facing forward in a standing position. This allows the boat to manoeuvre very quickly and with agility - useful in the narrow and busy canals of Venice. 


For centuries, the gondola was a major means of transportation and the most common watercraft within Venice. We will learn all about this wooden boat trying to go beyond the touristic clichés. 

Not only gondolas: Sandolo and other traditional boats

Discover the traditional wooden boats still used for navigating venice and lagoon, such as Sandolo, Coarlina, Topa, Pupparin, Còfano, Mascarèta, Sanpieròta and learn how they differ from each other according purpose or rowing technique and what they have in common. 

Hopping on a Gondola

 Hop on a gondola and cross Canal Grande as locals are doing since centuries

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  • Tour Leader & Nature and Interpretive Guide
  • Gondola ferry on Canal Grande


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