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Private Aveiro City and Beaches Tour – Portuguese Venice with Typical Lunch

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Aveiro Train Station

Aveiro Train Station is in the city Centre and is an interface of the north line (the line that connects Lisbon to Porto). Now, it has two buildings: the new in operation since 2005 and the old one, known as a façade decorated with polychrome tiles, depicting railway scenes, natural and traditional activities.

Infante D. Pedro Park

Spend a few minutes from the city center and enjoy quiet moments in one of Aveiro’s most beautiful parks. Walk through the extensive gardens, then take a relaxing boat ride on one of the lakes and visit the Hunting and Fishing Museum located in this area - an ideal setting for a quiet morning.

Aveiro Cathedral

Its origin dates to the sixteenth century, but the cathedral is the primitive church of the convent of Santo Domingo. The beginning consisted of a chapel, without choir and three naves, being transformed between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and converted into the devotional chapel of the corridors.

In 1835, this church is converted into the parish of the Church of Our Lady of Glory, passing in 1938 by the Cathedral of the Diocese of Aveiro by the bull of Pope Pius XI.

In the 18th century, the nave of the church was rebuilt, becoming brighter with the opening of large ovals windows. In this century, the free spaces of the church walls were covered with tile panels. 

Aveiro Museum - Santa Joana (Old Monastery of Jesus)

Founded in the fifteenth century, situated inside the great convent of Jesus, it is strongly associated with the most influential princess of Aveiro - Santa Joana de Portugal. Today we can visit who will be his marble tomb and admire the Baroque style, the Manueline porticos, the Manueline-inspired cloisters and the Lyrian chapels that embellish this historic monument.

This museum is considered one of the most important religious art in the country, exhibits a collection of Portuguese paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, meticulous work of tiles, elegantly crafted pieces in gold and a vast collection of clothes, jewellery and relics.

Church of Mercy

This church is one of the most attractive examples of religious architecture in the district. Built in the late 16th century, this monument is a traditional façade with blue and white tiles, Renaissance elements on its balconies and a wonderful selection of colourful tiles inside.

Fish Market

While in town, visit the famous Fish Market - a traditional market that houses some of Aveiro's best seafood restaurants. Nearby you select several restaurants and a wide variety of shops and bars.

Moliceiro boat ride on the Ria de Aveiro

Visit Aveiro and not ride on the typical boat of the Ria de Aveiro is like visiting Rome and not seeing the Pope. Attention do not be fooled by the comparison of Aveiro with Venice.

The Ria de Aveiro is often used for tourist purposes, mainly through its characteristic boats, the Moliceiros. Moliceiro boat trips take place only in the 4 urban canals of the Ria de Aveiro. The Central Channel, the Cojo Channel, the Pyramid Channel and the São Roque Canal.

These tours last 45 minutes and allow you to get to know the main attractions and monuments.

Visit to the Navy Noeirinha

Aveiro is one of the cities with the greatest tradition in the exploitation of salt. Of the many hundreds of salt that existed in the last century, there are few that still laboram. There is the Navy Noeirinha that lets you see all the salt process. The time of the salt takes place from June to September, visit Aveiro these months will have great chances to see the marnotos bustle of their work.  

Vista Alegre Museum (Opcional)

Aveiro is the birthplace of the famous porcelain of Vista Alegre, an example of the long Portuguese tradition in the ceramics area. Set within the original factory, which are produced these delicate works of art, this museum is one of the most visited landmarks in the district. Admire the historical remains of the first pieces of the brand, see the old drawings and how to work the tools used to create these porcelain wonders that have evolved over time.  

Vagueira Beach

A beach that besides a great option to go to baths, shows us also the most traditional of fishing gear. An extensive beach protected by rocky areas which hinder the sliding sand. 

The Praia da Vagueira enables holidaymakers to the beach access by wooden walkways, among other infrastructure that meet the most demanding needs. With a fantastic surrounding vegetation and dune landscape, the Vagueira proudly shows small houses of fishermen who bring us the freshest fish.  

Costa Nova Beach

The most picturesque image of Costa Nova is its marginal where align the wooden barns, painted stripes of alternating bright colours with white. Built by fishermen for shelter or storage of fishing gear, these barns, restored, are now pleasant holiday homes.

Washed by a heavy sea, much appreciated by surfers, the Costa Nova do Prado beach has a vast beach which extends south in the direction of Vagueira Beach, where hiking enthusiasts can exercise it.

Across the road, the Ria de Aveiro with its calm waters, great for sailing and windsurfing, provides a completely different landscape.  

Barra Beach

With its imposing lighthouse, one of the highest in Europe, the Barra beach is one of the most wanted by vacationers. It is here that flows the Ria de Aveiro. Here too, that wee witnessing the entry and exit of fishing boats, sometimes escorted by seagulls, sometimes waved white handkerchiefs. The barra is an ideal place for surfing, windsurfing, sailing and fishing sea views. 

Very popular with bathers, this is a very busy area during the summer, with the animation that extend through the night, in the many bars and parties. Awarded by the Blue Flag since 1989 and the Flag "Accessible Beach, Beach for All" since

2002, the most striking features of Barra Beach are its landscape.  

Natural Reserve of São Jacinto Dunes

Located on the edge of the beautiful peninsula of San Jacinto, between the sea and the estuary, this magnificent reserve is one of the natural places more known the country. 

Since its opening in the late 1970s, the marshes, sand dunes and wild lakes have become a habitat for flora and fauna, and is considered a true bird sanctuary. Be sure to explore this fantastic reserve, whether you prefer cross it by walking trails or take a ride in the typical moliceiros boats.  

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  • Come with us, discover Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal, and the Costa Nova with the famous striped houses. Discover the nature reserves, the Art Nouveau and all the history of its famous monuments. Then get lost in the charms of some of the best beaches.


???? - Private tour.

✅ - Free Pick-up and Drop-off.

???? - Optional sight-seeing stops along the way.

????️ - Certified Tourist Driver.

????‍♂️  - English; French; Spanish or Portuguese Speaking drivers with local knowledge.

???? – Chauffer style with code dress.

ℹ️ - Local tips and information - Our friendly drivers are locals and are happy to share their insights or give tips on what to do at your destination.

???? - Free water bottles.

???? - Extra amenities.

???? - Free internet

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???? – Tips - Gratuity isn’t included or required, but if you really enjoyed your trip, you can show your driver your appreciation with an optional tip.

???? - Admissions to venues and attractions along the route.


⛈️ - Weather

Exact destinations and itineraries may be changed due to weather, road conditions and the guide’s discretion. If cancelled due to poor weather, a different date or a full refund will be offered. Please check our Terms and Conditions.

???? - Wineries

Included wineries are subject to change based on their availability, private events, and holidays.

???? – Valid ID

It is mandatory to present a valid photo ID for drinking alcohol in wineries. Be aware that the legal drinking age in Portugal is 18 years.

???? - Smoke free.

???? - Personal accident and liability insurance included.

???? - Luggage - Each passenger is allowed to have one checked bag and one carry on. If you’re traveling with more bags or oversized luggage, please inform us.

???? - Big luggage - 29x21x11 inches / 74x54x28 cm

???? - Small luggage - 22x14x9 inches / 56x36x23 cm

What do I need to bring?

????️???? - Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and sunscreen if it’s sunny or a raincoat and an umbrella if it’s raining.

???? - Don’t forget your camera!

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