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On the footsteps of Commissario Brunetti by Donna Leon walking tour

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What Will You Do

From Brunettis' film apartment to Questura

The Brunetti family came and went through this front door, which every Brunetti fan can recognize, once you found it!

Brunettis' favourite restaurant

This restaurant is next to Brunetti's house and often visited by the whole family. it is the place where for instance the Commissaro listens to Raffi's sexual science statements

At the holy drinker

After the Commissario has realized that his daughter is a member of the radical animal protection organization Angelo Animale, the two have a discussion in this pub. Due to the murder of Professor Nava, who was formerly employed in the slaughterhouse, Chiara's so-called animal angels are now the focus of the investigation.

School authorities, public prosecutor's office and the Court

In this buildings we will find the school authorities, the public prosecutor’s office and the court. With his inquiries about the former employee Paolo Battestini, Brunetti brings the head of the school authority and alleged dottore Signor Trotti pretty out of whack. The public prosecutor's office visits Brunetti together with his competitor Capitano Marvilli in order to have the highest authority clarify which of them should be responsible for the case of the murdered Rozafa Krasnic. At the Court court, however, Brunetti, in rare harmony with his boss Patta, subsequently succeeds in enforcing the arbitrary arrest warrant against the slaughterhouse manager, Signor Papetti.

Signora Altavilla's elderly’s home

In this building, Signora Altavilla took care of the elderly until her mysterious death.

Angelo Animale headquarters

The headquarters of the radical animal protection organization Angelo Animale are located in this palazzo. Two masked figures flee from the side entrance and chase each other with the Commissario and his colleagues. While one of the two escapes, the other is caught and, to Brunetti's amazement, turns out to be his daughter Chiara.

Ponte de l'ogio

At this bridge, an oncoming cart driver brakes a police officer on his hunt for animal pleasures for crucial seconds.

The Vice-Questore's men's clothing store

Here Patta is already choosing the right outfit in anticipation of his honorary doctorate.

Signora Gismondi's supermarket

 On her way home from the train station, Signora Gismondi uses the opportunity to buy a fresh dinner here, also on Sundays.

The last chocolate ice cream in a life

In this bar Signora Gismondi, the neighbour of the unpopular Signora Battestini, enjoys the last two balls of chocolate ice cream of her life.

The Brunetti's newspaper kiosk

This centrally located kiosk sells the popular German and international newspapers. Brunetti also gets a current issue at the stand and learns about his latest case.

Soldier Foster is dead

 The American soldier Foster is fished dead out of the Rio on the water stairs of this Campos

Paola's birthday present

At this shop the inspector stumbles upon his fateful birthday idea for Paola.

The marriage church of Dottor Pedrolli and Bianca Marcolini

This church is used for the marriage of Dottor Pedrollli and Bianca Marcolini, who have to answer for the illegal adoption of an Albanian boy.

The house of the mother of the killed cadet Ernesto Moro

The flower shop from the famous film "Bread and Tulips" by Mario Soldini (2000) was also set up on this spot.

Signora Maria's kiosk

This is where Signora Maria's kiosk is located. She is well informed about the residents of your neighborhood and shows Brunetti the way to the American archaeologist Brett Lynch straight away.

Bar Rosa Salva

Vice-Questore Patta used to eat a couple of glasses of grappa too much in this bar. But Vianello also appreciates the bar because of the best café in town and the delicious croissants. The inspector treats himself to a panino prosciutto or a tramezzino with ham and artichoke with a glass of white wine.

Brunetti's Questura

The tour ends in a place that we cannot miss. We reach the striking columned hall in a campo, through which the employees, visitors or delinquents in the films hurry to the Questura with the famous green door and a portal 

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  • Local top-rated guide (licensed tour leader & nature and interpretive guide)


  • Gratuities


Please note:

  • The tour is offered only in German. It can be available in other languages (English, Italian or Spanish) as a private tour.
  • The experience is shared in very small groups up to 10 participants.
  • Private tours are available on request: it will be a customized private experience with your group only.
  • Accessibility: the experience is meant to be inclusive and accessible: if you are a traiveller with motor, sensorial or cognitive disabilities, please let us know in advance and we will make our best to meet your needs. The shared group is not wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair accessible route is possible as private tour.

What do I need to bring?

  • Please be sure to arrive at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the starting time of the tour. This is the key to ensure the high-quality of your experience.
  • We also recommend you wear comfortable shoes.
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