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Nazaré And Alcobaça: Between Giant Waves And One Of The Monasteries Of Portugal

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Dry Fish Market - Yolk Nazarenes - Typical Costume

Meet the Nazarenes and talk to them at the Dry Fish Market, where every day a dozen women continue to dry the fish in paneiros and where you can observe the colourful traditional boats exposed on the beach.

The Nazarene women's costume, rich and artistically produced, is linked to the mysticism of number seven and the life of the sea. Composed of seven skirts, white and coloured, pieces of crochet or lace, which end with one in Scottish cloth, cashmere, pleated terylene, or blue cheetah with velvet bar, represent the seven virtues, the seven days of the week, the seven colours of the rainbow or the seven waves of the sea.

Monument to the Shipwrecked

Here we greet the Nazarene Mother and pay respectful tribute.

Live Dry Fish Museum (Optional)

The old fish market has given way to a very interesting memory space dedicated to the laborious art of the famous dried fish of Nazareth.

Viewpoint of Nazaré - Viewpoint of Suberco – Lift of Nazaré

Ex-libris da Nazaré and visited annually by thousands of tourists, the Ascensor da Nazaré was built in 1889, works with the cable uncovered on pulleys, in an extension of 318 meters, with an inclination of 42%.

Pederneira Viewpoint and Pederneira Mercy Church

Church of Mercy (Born from a chapel created in 1560, to house the Brotherhood of Mercy of Pederneira, which has undergone refurbishments over the centuries).

Viewpoint of Sítio da Nazaré

The Sítio is probably one of the most emblematic viewpoints of Portugal, on the beach in half-moon we can enjoy the houses running towards the sea and the blue horizon to lose sight of the sea.

Shrine of Our Lady of Nazareth

Construction beginning in 1377, with the aim of housing the image of Our Lady of Nazareth and pilgrims.

Fort of S. Miguel - Viewpoint and Lighthouse of Nazaré

It was built at the tip of the headland of Nazareth, by King Sebastian in 1577, to defend the fishing people of Pederneira. In the 17th century it was expanded and modernized and currently installs a vessel aid beacon.

North Beach

The spot most appreciated by surfers to brave the giant waves.

Memory Hermitage

It is associated with the Miracle of Our Lady of Nazareth. It was built at the behest of Don Fuas Roupinho, after, on a day of hunting on the edge of the precipice, he invoked the Virgin in a moment of distress.

Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum Dr. Joaquim Manso (Optional)

It was inaugurated in 1976 and is headquartered in Sítio da Nazaré.

Alcobaça Monastery

The Monastery of Alcobaça speaks of the foundation of the country, which separated from Castile in the 12th century and the abbey of Santa Maria de Alcobaça was founded in the 19th century. XIII by King Alfonso I.

On the visit to the Monastery of Alcobaça we will have the opportunity to enjoy its 200 meters of façade of pure lines with the church, in the centre of the set. The entrance to the Monastery of Alcobaça is through the Hall of Kings, where are the statues of two dozen Portuguese monarchs.

In the church, the prominent place is given to the tombs of Peter I and Agnes of Castro, alone in the vastness of the transept of the church. After the church, we will enjoy the beautiful Cloister of D. Dinis, the Chapter Room, the Refectory, the Monks' Room and the New Kitchen and its tank.

On the upper floor of the monastery, the vast dormitory that served as an apartment to the Abbot of Alcobaça, from where you can enjoy the beautiful garden of the Cloister of the Inn that communicates with the Monks Dormitory.

In addition to the Monastery of Alcobaça we can also visit the ruins of a very old Visigoth castle, predating the Moorish domain, in the 7th century.

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  • Nazaré, located on the Silver Coast, does not need an introduction. It is one of the main beach areas of Portugal and has the largest waves in the world. Alcobaça holds a vital part of the history of the country, and one of the best regional cuisines


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