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What Will You Do

After checking in for the activity at our store in Marina de Albufeira, you will be accompanied to the classroom where you will have to fill out an RTCW form and the respective medical questionnaire, international standard for the activity. In the theory lesson we explain what the practice of diving consists of, the use of the equipment and the basic safety exercises that you will have to perform in the pool lesson. 

After the theory lesson, you will proceed to the area where the indoor pool is located and the facilities where we provide all your equipment, for the pool lesson and sea dive. 

In the pool, your instructor will demonstrate how to perform the essential safety exercises:

  • Recovery and cleaning of the regulator.
  • Partial cleaning of your diving mask.
  • Buoyancy.
  • Air sharing.

These exercises are mandatory, and you cannot do the sea dive without successfully completing them.

After this class you will embark for the sea dive. After a short boat trip along the coast, you will arrive at the dive site, on a natural reef. With the help of our team, you will enter the water with the instructor who will guide you in the sea dive, always with all the attention and security (2 students per instructor).

At the end of this dive, you will return to our centre, equipped with hot showers. At the centre you will receive an official SSI certification valid for 6 months, to dive up to 12 meters, accompanied by a professional. You can also get credits for an Open Water diving course.

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The TRY DIVE is your first experience with scuba diving, in a controlled environment and always accompanied by an instructor.

You will have a theory class, a pool lesson and a sea dive, where you will have the opportunity to observe a reef and the marine fauna and flora of this area of the Algarve. You will dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters, with an approximate duration of 30 minutes, always in the company of our instructors.


Discount for Open Water or Scuba Diver course Includes:

  • Theory introduction;
  • Pool dive;
  • Boat trip to one of our reefs
  • A dive in the sea up to a maximum depth of 12 meters with a professional
  • All necessary equipment;
  • Insurance;


Additional information:

Our facilities are equipped with individual lockers where you can safely leave your belongings until you are back from the activity. 

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