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Toursxplorer.com Coupons program

Create unique coupons that your clients and customers will love.
Distribute the coupons that we will create for free on your social networks and watch your sales grow!

Ask us how you can participate.

Here’s an example of what we can create for you, free of charge.

5 Euro discount coupon

You can see how this coupon looked on ours:

How does it work:

a) You need to have products on our platform
b) You must decide to participate in our coupon program
c) You will have to decide:

1 – What product or products do you want to promote;
2 – How long will the campaign last;
3 – How many times the coupon can be used;
4 – What amount will the coupon allow the customer to discount on the reservation they make.

d) We create a coupon for you and generate the code
e) We send you the coupon to post on your social networks.

And, That’s all…

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