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Spinguera Ecolodge: Tours & Experiences

Cape Verde, Boa Vista Island, Rabil

Boa Vista: Private Transfer from Airport to Spinguera or Vice Versa

More to know about Spinguera Ecolodge

Spinguera Ecolodge: Your Eco-Friendly Oasis in Cape Verde

Spinguera Ecolodge

Located in the picturesque island of Boavista, Cape Verde, Spinguera Ecolodge offers the perfect blend of comfort, sustainability, and traditional charm. Nestled amidst natural beauty, it's more than just an accommodation; it's an experience.

Unmatched Surroundings and Nearby Locations

Surrounded by unspoiled landscapes, the Ecolodge provides easy access to nearby wonders like Praia de Chaves and Viana Desert. Additionally, a short drive will take you to Sal Rei, a lively town known for its vibrant markets and local culture.

Accommodation and Amenities

Spinguera Ecolodge is a haven for those who appreciate nature and responsible tourism. Each room is tastefully decorated using local materials, providing an authentic Cape Verdean feel. Moreover, the onsite restaurant serves delicious, locally-sourced meals to tantalize your taste buds.

Kitesurfing and Adventure

For adventure seekers, kitesurfing at nearby beaches is a must. Choose your kitesurf Cape Verde Holiday now and embark on an exhilarating journey. If kitesurfing isn't your thing, worry not! Explore hiking trails, wildlife watching, or simply unwind at the stunning beaches. Spinguera offers something for everyone.

Why Choose Spinguera Ecolodge?

1. Eco-friendly Practices: Commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything, from solar energy to waste management. 2. Local Experience: Engage with the local community, participate in traditional activities, and soak in the culture. 3. Top Attractions: Don't miss the chance to explore Boavista's top attractions, including whale watching and turtle nesting sites. 4. Accessibility: The Ecolodge is conveniently located, with transport options to other parts of Boavista, Cape Verde.

Book Your Unique Experience

For a truly distinctive vacation, this eco-friendly retreat provides more than just accommodation options. It's a doorway to Cape Verde's rich heritage, pristine nature, and vibrant community. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or both, Spinguera Ecolodge has something to offer.

Ready for Your Dream Vacation?

Don't wait; explore the hidden gem of Cape Verde. Book your stay at Spinguera Ecolodge today and embrace an unforgettable vacation filled with exploration, relaxation, and responsible tourism. Note: This place is popular, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance. See you in paradise!
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