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Geragama tea factory: Tours & Experiences

Sri Lanka, Western Province, Colombo

Kandy Day Tour from Colombo

More to know about Geragama tea factory

Discover the Authenticity of Sri Lankan Tea at Geragama Tea Factory


Geragama tea factory stands as an emblem of Sri Lanka's rich tea heritage. Nestled within the verdant hills near Kandy, this factory reveals the captivating journey of tea - from lush plantations to your cup. Delve into a story brewed over centuries and indulge in the true essence of Ceylon tea.

A Legacy in Every Cup

As one of the pioneering tea plantations in Sri Lanka, Geragama takes pride in producing some of the finest tea blends. Here, traditions merge seamlessly with modernity. Every step of the tea-making process is an art form, and visitors get an unparalleled opportunity to witness this craftsmanship firsthand.

Nearby Attractions to Complete Your Journey

While the Geragama tea factory remains a star attraction, the vicinity offers more gems waiting to be discovered:
  • Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) - An epitome of Sri Lankan spirituality and architecture.
  • Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens - Nature's paradise with flora from around the world.
  • Kandy Lake - A serene spot perfect for moments of reflection.
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage - Witness the gentle giants in their natural habitat.
  • Bahirawakanda Temple - Panoramic views paired with spiritual tranquility.
  • Udawattakele Forest Reserve - A haven for nature lovers.
  • Kandy View Point - Capture the best of Kandy in one frame.
  • Ceylon Tea Museum - Further immerse in the history of tea in Sri Lanka.
  • Kandy Cultural Show - A vibrant display of local art and dance.
  • Kandy Garrison Cemetery - A glimpse into colonial history.

Experience Beyond Tea

Beyond the factory tour, there's the promise of tasting sessions. This is where you truly appreciate the nuances of Ceylon tea. Dark, light, aromatic, or robust - find a flavor profile that resonates with your palate. Furthermore, the scenic views of the surrounding plantations make for the perfect backdrop as you sip on your freshly brewed tea.

Plan Your Visit

The factory remains accessible throughout the year. However, visiting during the tea plucking season gives tourists an added experience. It's fascinating to see the meticulous selection of tea leaves, setting the foundation for a quality brew.

Why Geragama?

The reason is simple. At Geragama tea factory, you're not just touring a facility; you're stepping into a world where every sip of tea narrates a tale. A tale of passion, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. And this tale is eagerly waiting to be shared with you.

Make It Happen

Ready to embark on a tea journey like no other? Dive into the world of Ceylon tea, explore nearby attractions, and create memories that'll last a lifetime. The essence of Sri Lanka, its people, and its tea await you. Book your tour today and experience a blend of culture, history, and flavor. Note: Always check operational hours before planning a visit, and consider booking in advance to ensure a guided tour. Would you like to embark on this refreshing journey? **Book Now** and immerse in the world of Ceylon tea.
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