Algarve coast is a fantastic place for kayaking


Due to the characteristics of the cliffs on the Algarve coast, the formation of caves and coves give this sunny region the ideal conditions for kayaking. Not only are there plenty of sheltered bays and inlets to explore, but the clear water means that you can often see fish and other marine life as you paddle by.

If you’re new to kayaking, or want to explore the Algarve’s coastline in a different way, why not join a guided tour? Guided tours are a great way to learn about the area’s history and wildlife, as well as getting tips on the best places to paddle. There are several companies offering kayaking tours in the Algarve, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

If you’d prefer to explore the coastline at your own pace, there are plenty of places to hire kayaks. Again, the clear water means that you can often see fish and other marine life as you paddle by, making it a great way to experience the Algarve’s natural beauty.

The Benagil region, due to the large number of caves there, with great emphasis on the famous Benagil Cave, is the area with the highest density of practitioners of this modality per square meter.
Especially in summer, and because this is one of the few ways allowed by the maritime authorities to disembark inside the Benagil Cave, this place is the biggest tourist attraction for kayak lovers.

Many people prefer to do kayak tours in the Benagil region at their own pace and for that reason they choose to rent a kayak. Renting a kayak is really an option to consider but we strongly suggest that you opt for a guided tour.

Our recommendation is not related to the need for a guide to explain details about the caves, but to take visitors only to safe places and, most importantly, because he is a very experienced person (remember that the guide spends many days per year to exercise functions), to be the guarantee that in case of changes in the conditions of the sea, he will know how to get out of there.


There are people who prefer to enjoy the day by taking a coastal walk and kayaking.
With these people in mind, there are operators who have mixed programs.
Departing from Portimão or departing from Albufeira, there are catamarans that transport people and kayaks to the Benagil region. When they arrive, they anchor the catamaran and, through a ramp on the boat itself, the kayaks are placed in the water with the customers inside.
This is an excellent way to do two in one or to accompany a family member who is not feeling confident to practice kayaking. He will be able to stay on the boat while the other elements of the group go to the caves.

Seasiren boat to Benagil Cave

There are operators that give you the option to choose between Kayak and SUP boards, which is also interesting.

Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, is also an excellent location to practice this exciting sport.


At the tip of Piedade we can find cliffs with a very sharp cut and with caves carved by the force of the tides that easily take us to the world of pirates.
There are so many corners with stunning views that when we visit this place with a kayak, we are surprised at every moment.
Here, more than anywhere else, the company of a guide is mandatory.
They know very well where to go and where a visit could be dangerous.
Remember that we are talking about sea caves where the darkness or the movements of the water caused by the tides are a source of surprises that are not always controllable by inexperienced kayakers.

Kayaking inside Lagos caves

In Lagos, the two modalities are also offered:

1 – Departure from a beach directly by kayak towards Ponta da Piedade;

In the case of leaving the beach in Kayak, the return is made by towing the kayaks by a support boat.
In this way practitioners will not struggle to return to solid ground.

Although visiting the Ponta da Piedade caves on Kayak is exciting, some operators also offer the possibility of stopping for snorkeling, which allows you to see another dimension of the natural beauty of this area.


2 – Departure from Lagos marina by catamaran also towards Ponta da Piedade

In the case of departure by boat to the Ponta da Piedade area, the return to land is also done by boat.

In this option, there is also the possibility for the elderly or disabled, to stay inside the boat just to observe what constitutes an excellent possibility, for example, allowing the whole family to participate in the visit to this wonderful area of coast.

Another very popular area for kayaking in the Algarve is the region close to Albufeira.

Contrary to what happens in Benagil or Ponta da Piedade, the area adjacent to Albufeira has fewer crowds. This makes the tour very pleasant because the landscape is wonderful but the freedom and absence of crowds are a pleasure.


The São Rafael Beach is one of the most sought after beaches in the Algarve due to its natural beauty, its cleanliness and the quality of its facilities. Now, add a kayak tour and you’ll have your best holiday in the Algarve!

Combining a kayak ride and a picnic on a paradise beach, you will agree, is an excellent idea!

Praia da Coelha is in an area of exceptional beauty where a kayak trip can be memorable!